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The vending truck can be widely used in general merchandise sales, vegetables, for an outing , fruits, aquatic food sales, stationery, flower sales, etc , can be converted into a snack truck , fast food truck , barbecue, roast duck , keeping truck , ice cream truck , unlock truck , mobile library, scenic spot ticket truck , etc., can be called "rich new expert, new market leading role".Mobile vending truck have strong mobility, strong attraction, flexible, a multi-purpose, the internal structure can be adjusted according to customer's requirements ,vending, light box advertising, body advertising, reasonable cargo space, ect .

Multi-functional mobile vending truck the design is novel, rational layout, use convenient, less investment, low risk, no storefronts, don’t need to decorate . let buyers will never have risk ,is the ideal of business selling truck .

Chengli Special Automobile Co.,Ltd. are professional manufacture special trucks, like food truck , vending truck ,food trailer , Fuel truck , garbage truck, fire truck , Water truck , crane truck, concrete mixer truck , 4x4 truck supplier , ect . we shall always offer our clients the best quality trucks as you want ,with the most competitive price,and the VIP service .